My friends,
It feels good to have my own blog.....there are things which are close to my heart and things which have affected me one way or the thoughts,my desires,my aspirations,my fears my gods and my demons---you will find all of them here....I invite you to go through them and get a glimpse of my innermost feelings....................

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The more I think about life
The more I see no rhyme or reason in it.
Why some things work and some don't?
Why some of us get lucky and some don't?
I fail to understand.
Luck and time are not on my side for sure.
Otherwise,who knows,I too might have been
One of those lucky ones!!!!(14.02.2009)


  1. YA I M AMONG LUCKY tht i can win yr frdship n can read yr poems n feel the gr8 heart ..its nice ....

  2. you are my friend---i do not know why you think otherwise---