My friends,
It feels good to have my own blog.....there are things which are close to my heart and things which have affected me one way or the thoughts,my desires,my aspirations,my fears my gods and my demons---you will find all of them here....I invite you to go through them and get a glimpse of my innermost feelings....................

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Sound of Silence

The silence is too loud.
It screams.
Gnaws at the conscience.
It mocks.
And,strangely,it leads to nothing.
It is there
all around
enveloping everything.
It eats at the insides
making them hollow.
Yet,no sound comes out.
It remains inside.
But,the screams can be heard everywhere.
It is there
within and without.
It screams
and continues to gnaw at the conscience.
And yet,we do nothing.
We are slaves to this silence
which is too loud,
which screams
and wants to be heard.
Yet,we do nothing about this silence
which screams.(22.12.2000)

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